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Kevin Devoto UPG Solar Panels

Key Points:
  • Highly efficient mono-crystalline cell technology.
  • Uses low iron tempered glass, and durable aluminum frames.
Where Made: China
UPG solar panelUniversal Power Group Inc. was organized in July of 1968, incorporated in Texas originally under the name Universal Battery Corporation. The company’s humble beginnings started out as an electronics components distributor, eventually providing third-party logistics services, specializing in supply chain management.

The group also sells, distributes and markets batteries, solar modules, and related power accessories under various manufacturer brands, as well as its own proprietary brands. Universal Power group is headquartered in Carrollton, Texas, with regional logistics centers in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, Columbus, Georgia, and Las Vegas, Nevada.

UPG produces high quality mono-crystalline solar modules, as well as a wide variety of battery options. Mono-crystalline photovoltaic technology is the original solar cell design pioneered in 1955. UPG photovoltaic modules are known for low light efficiency, long lifespan, and high durability. UPG modules are sealed with low iron tempered glass and anodized aluminum alloy frames, providing superior protection from the elements.

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Model Watts Amps Volts Tolerance Weight (lbs.) Item Price
10 .51 18 +5/-5% 3.3 1910046 CALL
30 1.67 18 +5/-5% 7.5 1903046 CALL
40 2.32 17.2 +5/-5% 10.1 1904046 CALL

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Kevin Devoto UPG Solar Panels

Kevin Devoto UPG Solar Panels

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