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Key Points:
• High quality control due to vertical integration
• State-of-the-art module testing
Made in: China
Warranty: First 10 years at 100% output
25-year at 80% output

Whether you’re comparing price or quality, Trina Solar is one of the most competitive manufacturers of PV modules in the world. That’s because their vertically integrated structure allows them to have a tight grip on quality control from the beginning of the manufacturing process AND maintain low price structures.  They begin with the raw material of silicon to produce crystalline ingots, wafers and then cells, and finish off with the assembly of photovoltaic modules.

Kevin Devoto Solar Trina Vertical MarketingTheir rigorous testing and quality control on their solar panels are particularly noteworthy. Trina Solar performs a variety of tests including a mechanical loading test which checks on modules’ resistance in harsh wind, snow, and static loads such as ice. Their Resilience Test simulates events of heavy impact, while their infra red test assesses a module’s behavior with heavy humidity, UV exposure, or harsh weather conditions like heat or hail.  And, finally, their proprietary High Accelerated  Stress Test or Hastest reveals to them how solar panels and their components change over time.

Trina Solar was established in 1997 in China and has been listed on the stock exchange since 2006. The name "Trina" is a transliteration of the original Chinese name TianHe. Roughly translated, it means "to combine harmoniously with the sky".

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Kevin Devoto Solar Trina Solar's Infra Red TestTrina Solar's Infra Red Test

Kevin Devoto Solar Solar Panels by the Pallet
Trina Model Watts Amps Volts Tolerance Weight (lbs.) Item Price
175 4.85 36.2 0/+3 34.4 1931753
180 4.9 36.8 0/+3% 36.8 1931803
220 7.6 29 0/+3% 43 1902203
225 7.66 29.4 0/+3% 43 1902253
230 7.78 29.8 0/+3% 43 1932303
230 7.66 30 0/+3% 43 1912303
235 7.66 30 0/+3% 43 1902353
235 7.72 29.8 0/+3% 43 1922303
235 7.81 30.1 0/+3% 43 1902354 CALL
240 7.89 30.4 0/+3% 43 1902355 CALL

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Kevin Devoto Trina Solar Panels

Kevin Devoto Trina Solar Panels

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