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Key Points:
• Perform better than conventional silicon modules in higher temperatures
• Shorter energy pay-back time
Made in: Japan, USA and Belgium
Warranty: P Type: 10 years at 100% output G Type: 25 years at 80% output

Not just a technology leader in photovoltaics, Kaneka has its hands in many different fields--polymers, fermentation, biotechnology and electronics. A firm believer in solar thin film technology, Kaneka has done research on this technology since the 1980’s and began selling solar panels in 2000. Founded in Japan 1949, Kaneka celebrated their 60th anniversary in September 2009.

Deciding to capture the growing photovoltaic market in the US, Japan and Europe, 2009 was indeed a pivotal year for Kaneka. They opened a new sales office in Pasadena, Texas and decided to set up new solar cell research in division at Kaneka Belgium, a subsidiary of Kaneka.

Kaneka joined forces with IMEC, Kingdom of Belgium, a world-class research institute in the field of semiconductor processes centering on single-crystal silicon. Their goal is to marry Kaneka’s thin film silicon technology with IMEC’s optical control technology to achieve the world’s the world’s highest level of efficiency in silicon solar cells--a greater than 20% conversion efficiency.

Solar panel efficiency ratings are important because the higher the panel's efficiency, the more power the panel will produce per square inch of active cell material. The typical Solar Panel achieves between 10% and 15% efficiency conversion

Kevin Devoto Solar Kaneka's thin film technology works better in higher temperatures
This diagram shows Kaneka's thin film panels' superior performance in hot weather. (This is actual generated output of a Kaneka PV system. Click for larger view)

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Model Watts Amps Volts Size (Inches) Weight (lbs.) Item Minimum Quantity Price
60 0.9 67 39x39x1.6 30.2 1960489 25 CALL
55 3.33 16.5 39x39x1.6 32 1955129 N/A CALL

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Kevin Devoto Kaneka Solar Panels

Kevin Devoto Kaneka Solar Panels

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